Monday, October 19, 2009

My Dresses #2

This dress looks like it was taylored to fit you! The color looks great with any skin tone. The fabric is thick so it's probabaly only a winter dress. It looks great with heels and a jacket. Add some long necklace and a clutch and this is a gorgeous outfit!

I love Maxidresses!!! This patter is gorgeous and so is the cut! The pattern is so pretty, and I love the color combintations. And, if your going to school just lair it with a shrug or a tank top and it's perfect for school! Put it with a pair of wedges or flip flops and it tres chic! Perfect for summer and could be stretched into fall!

This is a really pretty dress, it's great for parties and formal events. It's got a same color pattern that looks so pretty. The cut is so slimming and pretty. This BCBG dress is great for winter, spring, summer and fall. Pair it with a pair of heels and you have a gorgeous outfit!

My Dresses #1

This is one of my favorite dresses. The cut is so pretty and it lays so nice! The skirt starts high so you don't know where your legs start, giving the illusion that you have long legs. The bracelet lays so nice and frames your hand nicely. The metal on it matched the decorative buttons on the dress. This outfit is great for fall into winter. For fall pair it with a pair of simple ballet flats (preferably black) and for winter a pair of knee high black riding boots.

This dress it gorgeous! It's very French and elegant. The pattern is very feminine and pretty. The continous patter is broken up by the lairs of pearls. It's very elegant and great for fall and spring. Put it with a pair of tan mary janes and you've got a gorgous outfit.

Always Hot and Always Not-Dresses

the little black dress
halter dresses
float-y dresses
Sweater dresses (if done right...)
T-shirt dresses (also, if done right...)

Awkward length dresses
Dresses with feathers
BRIGHT NEON dresses (amazingly, it can be done right, rarely...)
Random 'swoop' dresses
Too short of a dress


Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on some photos for a new post. It'll be awhile, but just a heads up! Oh, and we're still looking for emails!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think? (#1)

'What do you think?' is our way of communicating with you! We want to know what you think or what you're wearing! We'll give you a topic and we want your emails on it! You can send us pictures, letters, and comments on the topic we ask for. But, when you take pictures, put the clothes on a manquin or on your bed. We want to post you on the blog and we can't do that if your in it! If we really love your outfit we'll email you back so we can let you know if you're on the chic guide. We might also put you comments or messages on. We'd prefer if your emails went with the topic but, if you have suggestions on a new topic or something that's hot and that's not. OK, well we should probably stop giving you rules!!!!!

What is your coolest fall outfit?-Give us accessories and a description at the bottom! We want to know where to find these clothes!

Email your pictures at

L♥VE Y♥!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Recently, a 13 year old, Tavi Gevinson, has been in the news. They say she is high fashion, tres chic, and stuff. We disagree. We'll show you why. CLICK HERE to see her blog, we'll have the link name at the bottom of this post. Well, I think we need to get a little more into why we think this is a NOT instead of a HOT. We'll give you our top 10 reasons (even though we have about 1,000)
1. She wears neons
2. She wears mismatching patterns
3. She wore an Ugly Doll (Cute as dolls, NOT ACCESSORIES!!)
4. Those old man shoes are so wrong
5. She wears really wierd hats
6. She wears fishnets
7. Her hair cut
8. The flannel
9. The tie die
10. The crazy outfits

This is her website name (you can also find it above):


OMG, ponchos are coming back. NOOO!!! Now, you don't want to look like a special Chihuahua, don't wear ponchos, it's that simple. Well, that's it. Not much, it's just a poncho. Don't wear it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Trends continued

Don't wear more than 1 trend at a time, it can make you look cheap not stylish!!! Let's say your wearing skinny jeans, Uggs, printed hoody and plastic jewelry, TACKYYYYYY!!!!! But, Uggs and skinny jeans with a basic top or sweater, that's good!!! Uggs are UGGly CUTE!!! They are cute, but not stylish which is why you have to have wear an extremely simple outfit!!! :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall 2009 Hot and Not List

Solid color outfits
Warm colors
Skinny Jeans, NOT COLORED!!!!**
Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts
Ribbons in your ponytails, especially if they are curled!! =D
Skirts, no ankle length and don't go too short and if you want to go short try leggings or tights
Sweater dresses
Knee socks
Uggs, knee highs!

**Make sure the skinny jeans fit you nicely, dark wash is probably a good choice for wash.
***Don't wear designed leggings or just a skimpy top with leggings, make it look chic not eek.

Tie die
Paint splatters
Forever 21
Heavy patterns
Printed hoodies
Plain logo tees

**CROCS have been recalled!!! YEAH!!!


Trend Alert!!!! Outfits all the same color are in!!! Have a simple skirt with a blazer and cami, both the same color with matching tight or leggings with a solid shoe is a good idea for an outfit. It doesn't really matter what color it is just make sure it flatters you and you feel comfortable with this outfit choice!

Friday, September 18, 2009


When your doing accessories, please do colors that are actually in your outfit. Steer clear of home-made jewelry, plastic jewelry and cheap jewelry. Don't do ellaborate necklaces or jewelry while wearing patterns. Make sure it goes together!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Day

Picture day can either be the best or the worst day of the year for some kids. It all depends on how you hold yourself in your picture here are some ways you can look hot in your school picture.

#1 Wear solids. Patterns don't show up well on camera.
#2 Wear neutrals. Bright colors don't look great on camera and they was you out.
#3 Don't pull your hair back. It's not the best look for a picture.
#4 Go light on the make-up, bright colors are something you'll later regret.
#5 Go classic with your clothes. Trendy clothes will be a regret later on.
#6 Hold your chin out away from your neck, it keeps it from looking "morphed".
#7 Smile confidently and practice in front of the mirror to perfect.
#8 Rock it! Be who you are for your pictures but, make sure in 10 years you'll still be proud.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh No.

The 80's are coming back!!! Please, don't do it!! The paint splatters and tie die and over printed things are so bad! Please, stay away from the 80s!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trends aren't always good

Trends aren't always stylish. Trends are very difficult to deal with because you want to look good but still be yourself so, it's up to you to decide what trends you would like to use.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back To School 2009 Hot and Not

Louis Vuitton Totes
Christian Dior Over Bags
Coach Sneakers
Club Monaco Bermudas
Ann Taylor Shirts (any style)
Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts
Juicy Couture Sweats
Juicy Couture Sweater Dresses
Ann Taylor Sweater Dresses
Ballet Flats
Mary Janes
Big Sunglasses

Burberry bags
Kate Spade bags
Wal-Mart Clothes
K-Mart Clothes
Over-Printed Tees
No Name Bags
Aeropostale Logo Shirts

Monday, August 3, 2009

Antique Jewelry

When buying antique jewelry make sure you buy jewelry with quality and class. The really nice thing about Antique jewelry is that no one will have the same thing and it's cheaper because it's old. So, make sure you're getting a good deal because the jewelry might be damaged! Have fun at the antique markets and stores!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have a major trend alert! As of today Black nail polish is out and Dark Charcoal nail polish is in!!! A great place to buy it is in Sephora!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Most mispronounced "Fashion" words

Chic: To be sophisticated and nice PRONOUNCED- (She-eek) NOT-(Ch-ick)
Faux: To be fake PRONOUNCED- (F-oe) NOT- (F-ox)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cosmetics: Always Hot and Always Not

Always Hot:
Light pink eye shadows
Coral blushes
Dark brown eyeliner
Black or Dark Brown mascara
Medium or Dark Brown eye shadows
Coral Pink eye shadows
Clear gloss
Pink Tinted gloss
Well Groomed eyebrows
Curled eyelashes

Always Not:
Green eye shadows
Blue eye shadows
Purple eye shadows
Hot Pink eye shadows
Different Colored mascara (except in Brown or Black)
Different Colored eyeliner (ex. blue, green, pink, orange)
Bright Red lip stick
Really Dark Blushes
Too much black eyeliner
Drawn on eyebrows

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer 2009 Hot and Not list

Lily Pulitzer Maxi Dresses
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts
Ralph Lauren Plaid Bermuda Shorts
Louis Vuitton Plastic Clutches
Tiffany Rings
BCBG Sandals
Bows In Curled Ponytails
Abercrombie Denim Mini
Ann Taylor Fitted Denim Jackets
Ralph Lauren Fitted Oxfords
Ralph Lauren Halter Dresses

Justice Over-Printed Tees
Sporty Shorts (any brand)
The Deb Shop (Anything)
Over-Strappy Sandals
Baggy T-Shirts
Shape-Less Tops (Any Brand)
Chunky Plastic Jewlrey (neons are even worse)

Meet Lynn and Elle

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