Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Day

Picture day can either be the best or the worst day of the year for some kids. It all depends on how you hold yourself in your picture here are some ways you can look hot in your school picture.

#1 Wear solids. Patterns don't show up well on camera.
#2 Wear neutrals. Bright colors don't look great on camera and they was you out.
#3 Don't pull your hair back. It's not the best look for a picture.
#4 Go light on the make-up, bright colors are something you'll later regret.
#5 Go classic with your clothes. Trendy clothes will be a regret later on.
#6 Hold your chin out away from your neck, it keeps it from looking "morphed".
#7 Smile confidently and practice in front of the mirror to perfect.
#8 Rock it! Be who you are for your pictures but, make sure in 10 years you'll still be proud.

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