Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think? (#1)

'What do you think?' is our way of communicating with you! We want to know what you think or what you're wearing! We'll give you a topic and we want your emails on it! You can send us pictures, letters, and comments on the topic we ask for. But, when you take pictures, put the clothes on a manquin or on your bed. We want to post you on the blog and we can't do that if your in it! If we really love your outfit we'll email you back so we can let you know if you're on the chic guide. We might also put you comments or messages on. We'd prefer if your emails went with the topic but, if you have suggestions on a new topic or something that's hot and that's not. OK, well we should probably stop giving you rules!!!!!

What is your coolest fall outfit?-Give us accessories and a description at the bottom! We want to know where to find these clothes!

Email your pictures at

L♥VE Y♥!

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