Monday, October 19, 2009

My Dresses #2

This dress looks like it was taylored to fit you! The color looks great with any skin tone. The fabric is thick so it's probabaly only a winter dress. It looks great with heels and a jacket. Add some long necklace and a clutch and this is a gorgeous outfit!

I love Maxidresses!!! This patter is gorgeous and so is the cut! The pattern is so pretty, and I love the color combintations. And, if your going to school just lair it with a shrug or a tank top and it's perfect for school! Put it with a pair of wedges or flip flops and it tres chic! Perfect for summer and could be stretched into fall!

This is a really pretty dress, it's great for parties and formal events. It's got a same color pattern that looks so pretty. The cut is so slimming and pretty. This BCBG dress is great for winter, spring, summer and fall. Pair it with a pair of heels and you have a gorgeous outfit!

My Dresses #1

This is one of my favorite dresses. The cut is so pretty and it lays so nice! The skirt starts high so you don't know where your legs start, giving the illusion that you have long legs. The bracelet lays so nice and frames your hand nicely. The metal on it matched the decorative buttons on the dress. This outfit is great for fall into winter. For fall pair it with a pair of simple ballet flats (preferably black) and for winter a pair of knee high black riding boots.

This dress it gorgeous! It's very French and elegant. The pattern is very feminine and pretty. The continous patter is broken up by the lairs of pearls. It's very elegant and great for fall and spring. Put it with a pair of tan mary janes and you've got a gorgous outfit.

Always Hot and Always Not-Dresses

the little black dress
halter dresses
float-y dresses
Sweater dresses (if done right...)
T-shirt dresses (also, if done right...)

Awkward length dresses
Dresses with feathers
BRIGHT NEON dresses (amazingly, it can be done right, rarely...)
Random 'swoop' dresses
Too short of a dress


Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on some photos for a new post. It'll be awhile, but just a heads up! Oh, and we're still looking for emails!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What do you think? (#1)

'What do you think?' is our way of communicating with you! We want to know what you think or what you're wearing! We'll give you a topic and we want your emails on it! You can send us pictures, letters, and comments on the topic we ask for. But, when you take pictures, put the clothes on a manquin or on your bed. We want to post you on the blog and we can't do that if your in it! If we really love your outfit we'll email you back so we can let you know if you're on the chic guide. We might also put you comments or messages on. We'd prefer if your emails went with the topic but, if you have suggestions on a new topic or something that's hot and that's not. OK, well we should probably stop giving you rules!!!!!

What is your coolest fall outfit?-Give us accessories and a description at the bottom! We want to know where to find these clothes!

Email your pictures at

L♥VE Y♥!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Recently, a 13 year old, Tavi Gevinson, has been in the news. They say she is high fashion, tres chic, and stuff. We disagree. We'll show you why. CLICK HERE to see her blog, we'll have the link name at the bottom of this post. Well, I think we need to get a little more into why we think this is a NOT instead of a HOT. We'll give you our top 10 reasons (even though we have about 1,000)
1. She wears neons
2. She wears mismatching patterns
3. She wore an Ugly Doll (Cute as dolls, NOT ACCESSORIES!!)
4. Those old man shoes are so wrong
5. She wears really wierd hats
6. She wears fishnets
7. Her hair cut
8. The flannel
9. The tie die
10. The crazy outfits

This is her website name (you can also find it above):


OMG, ponchos are coming back. NOOO!!! Now, you don't want to look like a special Chihuahua, don't wear ponchos, it's that simple. Well, that's it. Not much, it's just a poncho. Don't wear it.