Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer 2009 Hot and Not list

Lily Pulitzer Maxi Dresses
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts
Ralph Lauren Plaid Bermuda Shorts
Louis Vuitton Plastic Clutches
Tiffany Rings
BCBG Sandals
Bows In Curled Ponytails
Abercrombie Denim Mini
Ann Taylor Fitted Denim Jackets
Ralph Lauren Fitted Oxfords
Ralph Lauren Halter Dresses

Justice Over-Printed Tees
Sporty Shorts (any brand)
The Deb Shop (Anything)
Over-Strappy Sandals
Baggy T-Shirts
Shape-Less Tops (Any Brand)
Chunky Plastic Jewlrey (neons are even worse)

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