Friday, September 25, 2009

Trends continued

Don't wear more than 1 trend at a time, it can make you look cheap not stylish!!! Let's say your wearing skinny jeans, Uggs, printed hoody and plastic jewelry, TACKYYYYYY!!!!! But, Uggs and skinny jeans with a basic top or sweater, that's good!!! Uggs are UGGly CUTE!!! They are cute, but not stylish which is why you have to have wear an extremely simple outfit!!! :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall 2009 Hot and Not List

Solid color outfits
Warm colors
Skinny Jeans, NOT COLORED!!!!**
Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts
Ribbons in your ponytails, especially if they are curled!! =D
Skirts, no ankle length and don't go too short and if you want to go short try leggings or tights
Sweater dresses
Knee socks
Uggs, knee highs!

**Make sure the skinny jeans fit you nicely, dark wash is probably a good choice for wash.
***Don't wear designed leggings or just a skimpy top with leggings, make it look chic not eek.

Tie die
Paint splatters
Forever 21
Heavy patterns
Printed hoodies
Plain logo tees

**CROCS have been recalled!!! YEAH!!!


Trend Alert!!!! Outfits all the same color are in!!! Have a simple skirt with a blazer and cami, both the same color with matching tight or leggings with a solid shoe is a good idea for an outfit. It doesn't really matter what color it is just make sure it flatters you and you feel comfortable with this outfit choice!

Friday, September 18, 2009


When your doing accessories, please do colors that are actually in your outfit. Steer clear of home-made jewelry, plastic jewelry and cheap jewelry. Don't do ellaborate necklaces or jewelry while wearing patterns. Make sure it goes together!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Day

Picture day can either be the best or the worst day of the year for some kids. It all depends on how you hold yourself in your picture here are some ways you can look hot in your school picture.

#1 Wear solids. Patterns don't show up well on camera.
#2 Wear neutrals. Bright colors don't look great on camera and they was you out.
#3 Don't pull your hair back. It's not the best look for a picture.
#4 Go light on the make-up, bright colors are something you'll later regret.
#5 Go classic with your clothes. Trendy clothes will be a regret later on.
#6 Hold your chin out away from your neck, it keeps it from looking "morphed".
#7 Smile confidently and practice in front of the mirror to perfect.
#8 Rock it! Be who you are for your pictures but, make sure in 10 years you'll still be proud.